Unoszono-Przesuwne HS EN

Lift-and-slide hardware is probably the most advanced technology for moving wings with a very large surface area and weight with minimal effort. Lift-and-slide doors allow the construction of multi-meter glazing. A single movable sash can have a width of up to 3000 mm.

By using this solution you gain:

     Quiet running and light handling of the wing
     First of all anti-burglary, thanks to the solid construction of hardware components
     Pleasant, light service thanks to the use of matched parts such as prams, espagnolets and door handles
     A wide range of accessories gives a sense of high comfort


The following schemes are available :



Thermostep - 67mm Flatstep - 22mm


Extensions under the thresholds .




One-sided, one-sided with insert or double-sided with the possibility of opening and closing the balcony from the outside on the key. ATTENTION: In the standard version it is possible to open only from the inside !!!



Katalog klamek HS - PDF


Motor control.

Lifting and sliding to the desired opening width as well as closing are controlled by the engine.

Optionally, it can be equipped with additional elements that increase safety, such as photocells, a light wall or radar sensors.

Operation via: Wall switch / Key switch, Remote control by radio, Push-and-go function by pushing the sash or handle.

The motor drive is available in two assembly versions: topcoat and concealed.



Corner HS



Can be used only in schemes A and D.




68mm Thermostep A 68-HS-TS-A.dxf 68-HS-TS-A.pdf
68mm Flatstep A 68-HS-FS-A.dxf 68-HS-FS-A.pdf
68mm Thermostep D 68-HS-TS-D.dxf 68-HS-TS-D.pdf
68mm Flatstep D 68-HS-FS-D.dxf 68-HS-FS-D.pdf
78mm Thermostep A 78-HS-TS-A.dxf 78-HS-TS-A.pdf
78mm Flatstep A 78-HS-FS-A.dxf 78-HS-FS-A.pdf
78mm Thermostep D 78-HS-TS-D.dxf 78-HS-TS-D.pdf
78mm Flatstep D 78-HS-FS-D.dxf 78-HS-FS-D.pdf
90mm Thermostep A 90-HS-TS-A.dxf 90-HS-TS-A.pdf
90mm Flatstep A 90-HS-FS-A.dxf 90-HS-FS-A.pdf
90mm Thermostep D 90-HS-TS-D.dxf 90-HS-TS-D.pdf
90mm Flatstep D 90-HS-FS-D.dxf 90-HS-FS-D.pdf